Hi, welcome to Karen Landau Photography. I am a Brazilian photographer based in Tel Aviv. I love capturing the beauty of the world with my clicks. Come to see an exciting world through my lenses.

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North Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Phone: +972 (0) 546500635


    Born and raised in Brazil, passionate about my career, 

    I have always had two passions: art and people.

    For me, photography is the most interesting and

    exciting way of creating art, and photographing

    people is my big passion. I graduated in 2016

    in Graphic Design, and since then I started

    photographing professionally.

    The simplest moments of life are the moments

    we will want to remember in the future. My goal

    as a photographer is to capture them. To give

    my clients a memory full of emotions and

    happiness, to create a movie of the most

    valuable moments in life.I work mainly with

    natural light in a very clean and delicate style,

    focusing on the emotions that surround the moment.